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ICYF Network

This platform will help you to make a connection and to keep in touch with investors, startups, mentors and alumni of previous ICYF events.

Through this platform, you will both expand your network and be aware of innovative startups and creative ideas shared by users.

We call you to join our network now.

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Apply ICYF

This is an ICYF digital platform created for those who want join ICYF projects, programs and events to improve their skills and abilities in different fields. You can join us to discover your potential and invest in yourself smartly.

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You can submit your project and find coach, mentor and investors to manage it better!


Contribute to new and exciting projects!


Contribute to new and exciting projects!


Support new and exciting projects!

ICYF Academy

This platform is established for the development of youth in every field helping them to copy with current and emerging challenges.

Only by developing your knowledge, skills and competencies you can become active, meaningful participants in our societies. In this platform you will have an access to a variety of training courses.

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